22-23 June 2017

The ATP Public Sector Special Interest Group meeting will be hosted this year by the United Nations Development Programme.  This is a non-fee, 2- day event for attendees which focuses primarily on recruitment and workplace issues, such as Leadership and Employee Engagement. The Public Sector SIG was created under the auspices of the Association of Test Publishers working with the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to accommodate the needs of assessment professionals working in the Public Sector.  The SIG meets annually to hear presentations from peers, technologists and leaders working in the public arena to enhance operations and decision making in regard to public sector employees. "The meetings are also a brilliant forum for networking and exchanging information among peers working in the public sector who may be experiencing similar challenges even though they are working in different parts of the globe. We find, after attending a SIG meeting, that we have much more in common, working in the public sector, than we have differences," remarked David Bearfield, EPSO Director.

Last year's meeting, hosted by the Portuguese Institute of Public Administration in Lisbon, concentrated on Workplace Diversity and Social Mobility, this year's meeting will be emphasize Leadership and Employee Engagement.  The meeting is free of charge for attendees, but sponsorship is sought to underwrite the costs of the event.  [To learn more about the Public Sector SIG and its mission, visit the ATP website Public Sector SIG pages.  To register for this year's event contact Paula Chadwick or Lykke Andersen.  And to review sponsorship opportunities, download a prospectus here.]