Though Co-Editors Reid Klion and Cor Sluijter of Cito work behind the scenes on what they sometimes regard as "ATP's best kept secret that shouldn't be" -- they continue to celebrate the high-quality articles that have been published in ATP's on-line, peer-reviewed, electronic Journal -- The Journal of Applied Testing Technology.(JATT)

 Last year three articles were published in JATT: Assessing Higher-Order Cognitive Constructs by Using an Information-Processing Framework , authored by Philip Dickison, Xiao Luo, Doyoung Kim, Ada Woo, William Muntean and Betty Bergstrom; A Framework for Examining the Utility of Technology-Enhanced Items  by Michael Russell, and Releasing Content to Deter Cheating: an Analysis of the Impact on Candidate Performance , by Amanda A. Wolkowitz, Susan L. David-Becker and Jack D. Gerrow.

Never resting on their laurels, Cor and Reid are already looking forward to several new articles and special issues in 2017 -- Two articles currently in press are: Using K-12 Lessons Learned About How to Balance Accessibility and Test Security to Inform Licensure, Credentialing, and Certification Exam Policies by Sheryl S. Lazarus, Jill R. van den Heuvel, & Martha L. Thurlow and A Comparative Study of Online Remote Proctored versus Onsite Proctored High-Stakes Exams by John Weiner & Greg Hurtz. And two special issues are also in preparation for the coming months on Test Security (guest edited by Bernard Veldkamp & John Fremer) and Serious Games (guest edited by Pam Kato & Sebastiaan de Klerk).

In between issues, Cor and Reid work at trying to increase the profile of JATT to potential authors. "One group we really try to reach are our conference presenters -- many of them have a body of research that would be quite adaptable to an article...this year at the Innovations conference we even walked flyers into the 'warm up' room that presenters use in order to drum up interest in submitting. We're hoping to see increased submissions in the new year," Reid noted.  Cor added that one important aspect of JATT is that articles are published free of charge to both authors and readers which is “a big plus because it makes all of journal’s content immediately available to anyone who is interested.”

As stated in its editorial flyer:  JATT seeks a) original, applied research focusing on educational or psychological measurement topics related to technology considerations, b) innovative approaches for solving or responding to applied educational or psychological measurement problems, and c) synthesized reviews of research related to technological applications in testing.  And both Cor and Reid add -- "Proposals for special issues dealing with applied educational and psychological measurement topics related to technology are welcomed and encouraged!  [For more information, contact the Co-Editors: Reid Klion at [email protected] or Cor Sluijter at [email protected]Download submission instructions for JATT here.