Practice area division brochure


From new Subcommittees being formed to new books being published, ATP's Division's are an integral part of the work being done by ATP members.  Following are reports from ATP's five Practice Area Divisions.

News from the Certification/ Licensure Division

Certification/Licensure Division Chair Dawn Gibas of the American Society of Agronomy, reported that the Division has six subcommittees, the newest of which was a Subcommittee on Accessibility and Accommodation.  She reported on updates for each subcommittee. 1.) Business of Credentialing: The subcommittee has contributed questions for inclusion in the Re-certification Subcommittee Survey. 2.) Credentialing Technology: This subcommittee is in need of a chair – if you are interested, please contact Dawn at [email protected]  3.) Delivery and Administration: The Subcommittee contributed to the work being done by the new Subcommittee on Accessibility and Accommodation. 4.) Low Volume Exams:  In collaboration with the Exam Committee of ICE, the Subcommittee is developing a white paper on Best Practices of the Development of Low Volume Examinations. The Subcommittee plans to complete the white paper draft in 2017.  There was also a Breakout session presentation at Innovations: “Developing Guidance for Low Volume Exam Programs: A Foundation to Address the Challenges”.  Download presentation here.  5.) Recertification: The Subcommittee launched a Survey on Re-certification Practices in October 2016.   The goal of this survey is to obtain a sizable response such that analyses can be conducted to identify differences in practices across key characteristics of certifying programs.  Data collection of the survey concluded on February 1, 2017.  6.) Accessibility and Accommodation: This Subcommittee was recently formed to provide a formal outlet for informal conversations surrounding issues in Accessibility and Accommodations. The group will be working on strategies to address legal and business risks with a goal of a white paper and/or presentation at Innovations in 2018. There was a presentation at the C/L Division lunch at Innovations which covered all of the Subcommittees --  Download presentation here.   [For more information, or to become more involved in the Certification/Licensure Division contact Dawn Gibas at [email protected]]

News From the Clinical Division

Clinical Division Chair Mark Ledbetter of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, reported that there is a renewed interest in the Clinical Division, and that Manny Straehle of AERE would be joining him as Co-Chair.  He reported that the Clinical breakout session, “Will Wearables Provide the Next Big Innovation in the Measurement and Assessment of People?"  provided the backdrop for a great deal of discussion at the Division meeting. Download the presentation here.   He also reported that the Division would be holding a meet and greet at the American Psychological Association Conference in August. [For more information, or to become more involved in the Clinical Division contact Mark Ledbetter at [email protected]]

News from the Education Division

Education Division Chair Canda Mueller of NWEA reported that the Division held a webinar on Accessibility and Accommodations last fall  [Click here to download slides] and that the Division would be planning another Webinar in the Fall. She also reported that, in the U.S., with the new administration, there were a vast many unknowns including next steps in ESSA implementation and peer guidance, the use of vouchers (given new administration predilections), issues related to the transfer of data and PII restrictions, and 21st Century Skills/Perkins Reauthorization, which may have funding implications, particularly for the connection between K-12 and Workforce Credentialing.  ATP’s Legislative Counsel, Alan Thiemann reported that ATP will be monitoring events in the new administration very carefully and alerting members to any concerns.  He also reported that ATP has already submitted several sets of comments regarding ESSA.  To read these comments, ATP members can go to Legal/Legislative Updates in the Members Only Section of the ATP website. [For more information, or to become more involved in the Education Division, contact Canda Mueller at [email protected]]

News from the Industrial/Organizational Division

Industrial/Organizational Division Chair April Cantwell of Furstperson reported that the I/O Division had held a successful reception at Innovations and will be scheduling a reception for SIOP in 2017.  She reported that they were in the process of trying to refresh mailing lists and also talking to some young professionals who want to become more engaged in the Division. She said the Division is considering implementing a mentor program in the future.  [For more information or to become more involved in the I/O Division contact [email protected]]

News from the Workforce Skills Division

Workforce Skills Division Chair Rob Pedigo of Castle Worldwide reported that one of the important missions as a Division is to continue to pursue a collective industry response to companies that misuse test data.  He said that Division members are getting inside of industry groups in order to collect definitions of credentialing that can be used universally.  He reported that some organizations still do not  understand the need for professionally developed tests. He also reported that the Division has completed a significant volume of work, “The Credentialing Security Framework”, under the guidance of  Rachel Schoenig of Cornerstone Strategies. He said that the publication will be available very soon,  both for purchase in the ATP Bookstore,  and  also in an electronic .pdf format for members. To download the Innovations Conference Workforce Skills presentation, The Burgeoning Interest in Workforce Skills Credentialing, click here. [For more information or to become more involved in the Workforce Skills Division contact Rob Pedigo at [email protected]]