Calling All ATP Bloggers...

ATP is launching a blog titled "The Value of Testing to Society". This is a place where ATP members can log in and tell their stories about the benefits of testing and assessments services to businesses, educational institutions, governments, certifying groups, etc. This is an opportunity to counter the "negative PR" that so often proliferates in the media. This blog will be viewable by the public, but blogs and comments must come from ATP members, or guests invited by ATP members. Please consider contributing to this blog -- we know the stories and testimonials are out there!

Are you unsure about the term blogging? Have an idea but not sure how to craft it? We have a writer standing by to assist. So just let us know you are interested, contact:  [email protected].

What this is not -- this is not a place for a press release regarding a new product, solution or business opportunity. However, it is a place for testimonials on how an assessment product, solution or business partnership solved a problem, provided a benefit for students, educators, consumers, an industry, or any other population.  What this can also be?  A place for intelligent facts about testing and assessment that counter common negative themes found in the media.