ATP Wall of Honor

The Association of Test Publishers is the honored presenter of two prestigious awards highlighting significant

contributions to the field of testing and assessment


The Career Achievement Award


The Award for Professional Contributions and Service to Testing

We are pleased to dedicate this web page to the recipients of these important awards.

The Career Achievement Award 
(Awarded since 2001)

This award honors individuals who have made sustained and positive contributions to the development, application and innovations in testing and measurement through research, publications, presentations, professional activities, technology, conceptualizations, or theoretical contributions over a career.

2001 Bert Green, Ph.D.
2002 Benjamin Wright, Ph.D.
2003 Ronald Hambleton, Ph.D.
2004 David J. Weiss, Ph.D.
2005 Barbara Plake, Ph.D.
2006 Wim van der Linden., Ph.D.
2007 Frank Schmidt, Ph.D.
2008 Paul Holland, Ph.D.
2009 Lawrence M. Rudner, Ph.D.
2010 Nancy Petersen, Ph.D.
2011 Robert Brennan, Ph.D.
2012 Ernest J. Anastasio
2013 David Campbell, Ph.D.
2014 Robert Hogan, Ph.D.
2015 Betty Bergstrom, Ph.D.
2016 Timothy Vansickle, Ph.D.
2017 Neil J. Dorans, Ph.D.
2018 Patrick Ward
2019 Andre Allen
2020 Alina von Davier, Ph.D.


Award for Professional Contributions and Service To Testing 
(Awarded since 2007)

This award honors individuals who have made a positive impact on the industry of testing through professional contributions and service. Applied and professional contributions may include sustained leadership in the testing industry and professional contributions through presentations and service that have improved testing. They may also include contributions that have improved the applications of testing, influenced professional standards and practices, and increased public understanding of testing, advocacy or other relevant contributions to the industry and profession.

2007 John Fremer, Ph.D.
2008 Joanne Lenke, Ph.D.
2009 David Arnold, Ph. D., J.D. and John Jones, Ph.D.
2010 Stuart Kahl, Ph.D.
2011 Robert D. Whelan
2012 Deniz Ones, Ph.D.
2013 Clarke Porter
2014 Wayne Camara, Ph.D.
2015 Alan J. Thiemann, Esq.
2016 Marten Roorda
2017 Sheldon Zedeck, Ph.D.
2018 James Sharf
2019 David Foster
2020 John Oswald