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To assist ATP members in navigating the legal and practical issues inherent in the many new privacy laws, the ATP International Privacy Subcommittee has developed a series of "Privacy in Practice" Bulletins that provide practical information, discuss principles, and provide guidance that testing organizations should use to comply with the GDPR, as well as current and/or upcoming privacy laws in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world. ATP Members can log in, and under Quick links under their name tag, select Legal/Legislative Updates to access the first eight Privacy in Practice Bulletins.  The Bulletins include: Customer Guidance on Privacy Compliance;  What is Personal Data in Testing; Obligations of Processors in Assessment Services; Deletion Request From a Test Taker; Dealing With Breaches: Step 1 – Preparation; Preparing for the California consumer Privacy Act; Security Standards and the Assessment Industry; and, Privacy by Design and by Default - Demystified. All eight of these publications are available in hard copy in the ATP Bookstore

News Flashes from ATP


Last Friday, March 20, the ATP joined with other assessment companies and organizations ("Assessment Coalition") to send a letter to the leadership of the United States Senate calling for the inclusion of funding in the Third Economic Stimulus package to assist all education service providers to deal with the economic fallout from COVID-19.  [READ LETTER HERE].

ATP CEO G Harris explained the reasoning behind the action by noting, "The socio-economic shock of the COVID-19 pandemic is causing deep tremors in the global assessment industry.  ATP and other testing organizations urged the Senate to include the US assessment industry in any comprehensive stimulus package designed to keep America working."

The ATP acted within a day after the US Department of Education announced that states would be allowed to waive their annual statewide testing requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  "We are acting", noted Harris, "because K-12 testing, as well as college admissions testing has been postponed or cancelled and virtually all in-person certification testing has moved to remote proctoring. The early affects on assessment companies is staggering; I hate to think what the long-term impacts will be."

Specifically, the Assessment Coalition letter advocated nearly a dozen solutions that would benefit ATP members, including among other actions:

  • Offer secured lending or loan guarantees to sectors of the U.S. economy experiencing financial stress due to the COVID-19 outbreak and ensure that education sector providers are eligible for these programs;
  • Expand the employee retention tax credit to include employers that are experiencing financial impairment because of the COVID-19 outbreak;
  • Cancel the payment of all payroll taxes typically paid by employers for the months of March, April, and May 2020; and
  • Ensure that relief and stimulus legislation designed to assist for-profit businesses also covers areas such as unemployment insurance, employee retention, and risk insurance also address the unique challenges and realities facing non-profit organizations.

Following unsuccessful attempts to move the Stimulus Package in the Senate, the House of Representatives indicated it will take up its own bill.  Accordingly, yesterday the Assessment Coalition sent the same letter to Speaker Pelosi and House Education and the Workforce leadership.

At the same time, the Coalition has learned that a fourth stimulus bill is already being discussed by Congress that reportedly will "focus on education and the workforce."  According to ATP General Counsel Alan Thiemann, the Assessment Coalition is preparing language to address that potential, describing the broad parameters of assessment, from K-12, to higher education, to adult education and workforce certification, licensure, credentialing, and training, as well as employment and clinical diagnostic assessments affecting American workers, and assessment-related services such as test delivery, proctoring, and security.   "The needs of all testing industry members is of critical importance as we seek economic relief from COVID-19," said Thiemann.

To provide Congress with the most useful information Thiemann is asking members who have examples of economic injury and specific needs to send him appropriate, non-proprietary information to him at [email protected].  Also, if you have personal connections with your Senators and Members of Congress, please provide that information so that additional lobbying efforts can be coordinated.