Keynote Speakers Challenge Innovations 2015 Conference

Attendees to Explore New Frontiers in Assessment

A sold-out audience at Innovations in Testing 2015 was treated to thought provoking keynote speeches which opened and closed the three day event held in Palm Springs, CA in March.

ShaperoDan Shapero, Head of Careers Products at LinkedIn, an ATP member, gave his view to conference attendees on the changing landscape of competition when it comes to human resources:

"The way organizations compete with each other has changed. It used to be financial capital. We're in a different place than we were for the past 100 years -- now it's people. How to get the best out of people is the future - how do we funnel them into opportunities that use their talents and strengths?" Shapero asked. 

Shapero noted that, (on LinkedIn), members with certifications receive six times more profile views. He urged test publishers to explore new frontiers in online education and certification such as badging and gamified testing models. He noted that employers need to know not only can candidates "pass a test" -- but can they display competency as well? He challenged test publishers and providers to enhance assessments that can show these kinds of results.

Later in the week closing keynote speaker Constance Steinkuehler, Ph.D., Associate Professor in DigitalConstance Media at the University of Wisconsin, also talked about gaming and its role in assessment. "Games," she said, "are architectures for engagement."

Steinkuehler challenged conference attendees to use emerging gaming technology to create assessments that are engaging, as well as being testing tools. By way of example regarding the power of games, she pointed out that boys often read two levels below their grade level.  But if they are given game instructions that are above their level, the problem disappears. "When kids care, they will persist in the face of challenges," Steinkuehler noted.

Both Shapero and Steinkuehler's remarks were videotaped at this year's Innovations Conference -- both for the purpose of live webcasting (which was offered for the first time this year), as well as for viewing after the conference.  Access to the keynote speeches, along with six Ignite sessions and 16 content sessions, can be purchased at this link:

At the conclusion of the Conference, Eric D'Astolfo of Pearson VUE, 2016 Conference Chair,  anounced that Innovations 2016 will be held March 20-23 at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek in Orlando, Florida.