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India ATP has announced plans to hold its 2017 Conference on the 17th of November 2017 at the Le Méridien Bangalore.  This Year's Conference theme is: Improving Assessments in Higher Education and the Workplace: Embracing World Class Best Practices & Technologies



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This year’s conference is being hosted by. I-ATP in academic partnership with ACT.



Serving as keynote speaker is David Bearfield, Director of the European Personnel Selection Office. the HR selection arm of the EU Institutions, where he is responsible for strategy and operations in the fields of selection and recruitment (and related services) at corporate level for all EU Institutions with a combined staff of some 60000, hiring approximately 2000 staff per year. He leads an office comprising 150 staff, with an annual budget of some €30M. EPSO tests globally some 70 000 candidates from 28 countries in 24 languages.alt Under his tenure, he has been responsible for a number of key achievements:

            - Successful delivery of a major programme of organisational transformation in a complex, political and multi-stakeholder environment. All key organisational goals were achieved, leading to a dramatic improvement in efficiency and effectiveness; satisfaction of internal and external customers has risen significantly, and EPSO is now recognised as a global leader in public sector recruitment practice.

            - Complete overhaul of outdated selection methods, improving the quality of the process and cutting time to hire by two-thirds.

            - Development of a new employer branding strategy, enabling the EU to compete in the global war for talent. By 2014, the EU's employer brand rose to 10th among the EU's Top 500 graduate employers. 

David has become a global thought leader and proponent of best practice in the recruitment field. He speaks and gives keynotes regularly at conferences around the world. Under his mandate, EPSO has won several awards, nationally and globally, including the Innovation Award at the annual International Organisations Career Development Roundtable.

The objective of this one-day programme on November 17th, which is a non-fee event for delegates, is to bring educational leaders together with human resource professionals to establish an ongoing dialogue for raising assessment standards by embracing world class best practices and exploring new technologies.  Sessions and workshops will explore topics on Innovation and Score Reporting: Going Beyond the Passing Status, Transition for Paper-Based Testing to Computer Based-Testing: Success Stories; The Role of Technology in Examinations; Best Practices in Assessment, Evaluation for Quality Standards in Higher Education.  Also sponsoring this year’s event, which will be held in the Coronet room of the Le Méridien Bengaluru, are cApStAn, The College Board,  Internet Testing Systems (iTS), MeritTrac, Pearson and Prometric.

To register for this non-fee event, please visit: http://events.maaonline.co.in



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India-ATP held its second successful conference on the 9th of November 2016 at the Habitat Centre in New Delhi.

The conference was opened with welcoming remarks from Soumitra Roy of Prometric, Chair of the I-ATP Division; Dr. William G. Harris, CEO of ATP; and Chief Guest Prof. Ved Praksh, Chair of the University Grants Commission ( UGC).

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The event was keynoted by Dr. C. Peter Magrath, five-time University President from the U.S.

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Presentations (others will be added as they become available) are below:






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