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ATP members value networking opportunities highest among the benefits of belonging to the Association of Test Publishers. And both members and nonmembers alike say that the Innovations in Testing Conference is one of ATP's most valuable assets.  Those finding are from a survey recently conducted by a board-appointed Strategic Planning Committee.

ATP CEO, Dr. William G. Harris, noted that the survey was conducted "to gauge awareness by members and nonmembers of membership benefits."  He said the Strategic Planning Committee will use the survey results to improve the awareness of existing member benefits, as well as the ever-increasing value of ATP membership.

Harris noted, "there are tangible benefits to ATP membership such as discounts on registrations and sponsorships of ATP conferences, as well as on career listings and publications."  He also noted that members have access to Guidelines and Surveys free-of-charge in the Members Only section of the website. But, he noted, it is the "intangible benefits" that are difficult to market - they often need to be experienced first-hand.

ATP Member Ian Frank, CEO of the Australian Medical Council and Chair of the new ATP Healthcare Special Interest Group, recently noted that "only at ATP do you find solutions to assessment challenges by interacting with testing professionals in another industry."  Frank recalled sitting next to a group of ATP members from General Dynamics and hearing about a completely new way of approaching an assessment challenge that he was facing. "Only at ATP could you find a solution from a technology company that solves an assessment challenge in healthcare!"  Frank observed that when he attends conference that are specific to healthcare he hears the same approaches to challenges. But when he attends an ATP or E-ATP conference he hears approaches from a completely different angle -- and often finds the answers he is seeking.

Frank used the example of the many innovative car models that come out of Europe -- "because so many different cultures are looking at the same automobile - but through so many different lenses."

Harris also noted that benefits can be specific to different regions. "European members may value a smaller conference that is closer to them rather than a larger conference; in Asia the concept of training workshops is more valuable while in the United States membership in ATP occasionally shows up in an RFP as a vendor requirement."

Harris said that the Strategic Planning Committee would look at the results of the survey and design both a strategic plan for ATP as well as a marketing plan that can carry the Association into the next half of the decade.