ATP Certification Division Seeks Subcommittee Members

A number of working subcommittees have been formed under the oversight of the ATP Certification Division currently being Chaired by Manfred Straehle, Ph.D. of International Credentialing Associates (ICA). These subcommittees include: 

  1. Implementing innovative item types (Ellen Julian, [email protected])
  2. ADA accommodations and accessibility (John Hosterman, [email protected])
  3. Recertification (Christopher Butcher, [email protected])
  4. Globalization (Renata Golden, [email protected])
  5. Value proposition for stakeholders (Beth Holst, [email protected])
  6. Business/Operations (Kpayah Tamba,  [email protected])
  7. Lower Volume Exams (Dawn Gibas, [email protected])
  8. Remote Procturing (Gary Fluitt, [email protected])
  9. Legal and Policy (Steve Peluso, steve[email protected])
  10. Badging (Liberty Munson, [email protected])

"These subcommittees have been formed to address the challenges associated within a number of identified areas. Some are more easily defined that others," explained Dr. Straehle. "For example,  'low volume' wasn’t specifically defined, but there was agreement that this type of subcommittee would be useful to those dealing with smaller programs such as a credentialing manager or psychometrician that is involved with low volume exams." 

Straehle added that, "specific goals will be crafted by the sub-committees."  Again, using the low volume subcommittee example, he noted that "one thing we might work towards is a set of guidelines or procedures to consider for low volume exams."

Dawn Gibas, Chair of the Lower Volume Exams Subcommittee added, "those dealing with low volumes have a special set of issues that we tend to work with that are different from the high volume exams and we could benefit from interacting with each other."  She noted that this subcommittee might be right for participants who work with:

  • limited numbers of SMEs. 
  • concern on the amount of questions available for exam forms, exposure and drift. 
  • low end user survey response rates.
  • psychometric considerations and exam statistics on low sample sizes.
  • cost considerations for the credentialing program due to low numbers, and .
  • providing viable and legally defensible exams.

Gibas urged ATP members to consider volunteering for this new subcommittee, or any of the other sub-committees that may be of particular interest. [For more information, or to join any of the subcommittees, contact the Chair of the sub-committee using the email information listed next to each committee above.]