Plans Underway for India-ATP 2019

Call for Presentations is open


India - ATP (I-ATP) invites submissions from individuals interested in presenting at the 2019 Conference to be held Friday, December 20, 2019 at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi. This year's conference theme is: Global Standards for Assessments in a Digital First World: A Future Perspective.

"The key objectives of this event are to bring educational leaders together with business professionals to establish an ongoing dialogue for raising assessment standards by embracing world class best practices and exploring new technologies," noted India-ATP Chair Divyalok Sharma of Pearson VUE.

Speaking at last year's I-ATP conference, Prof. Sanjay Govind Dhande (Ex-Director IIT Kanpur) noted, “India is marathon country with certain drawbacks in the education sector. We have a centralized examination system where the task of a teacher is to teach and not assess. Proliferation of entrance examination is another hindrance where success and failure in such exams have become a part of assessment culture. Testing should be a feedback mechanism rather than a guillotine assessment. We have enormous administrative and legal issues as well. Examination is not a pure assessment to test the true ability of a student. Unless we change our mindset and attitude, things won’t change.”

Last year more than 200 delegates from academia, universities and HR attended the I-ATP conference. Global experts deliberated important subjects relevant for changes in the examination space like incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Test Scoring Algorithms, Content Development, Holistic framework for improving Evaluation and Assessments, Improving Quality of Higher Education. The conference shared global best practices in the assessment space by addressing topics such as exam security, candidate convenience and flexibility, and different methods of testing.

Prof. Dhande, in talking to the Indian Express at last year's conference, called for decentralisation of the assessment system, saying that assessments across institutes, schools, universities and competitive exams are conducted based on an event (exam). Instead, India needs daily personalised, individual assessments for every student.

While Dhande called for innovative ways of assessments, he also said, “Open book exams, take-home exams, etc. are all experiments. There is no one-size fits all. The basic goal is to teach students how to learn and to think."

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