Innovations in Testing turns the

big 2 -1 in 2020!

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 Now in its 21st year, The Innovations in Testing Conference remains the leading conference in the assessment industry. And this year's theme, Beyond Conventional...Advancing with Integrity, highlights ATP's dedication to broadening horizons and doing so with professionalism and best practices.

A new track this year will be Equity, Accessibility, and Diversity & Inclusion which will focus on issues regarding accessibility, accommodations, and responding to the needs of diverse populations of examinees and test users. Other tracks will include:  Learning Sciences; Trending or Disruptive Technologies; Program Design; Legislation, Policy, and Accessibility; Measurement and Psychometrics; Security and Privacy; Data Analytics and Management; Business Strategy and Operations; Test Administration and Delivery Models.

This year's opening keynote will be Vince Bertram, President and CEO of Project Lead The Way (PLTW). In a rapidly changing economy, students with in-demand, transportable skills -- including problem solving, critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication, and ethical reasoning -- are most likely to thrive throughout their education and careers. But until now, high school tests have not provided employers or institutions of higher education the information necessary to confirm graduates’ competencies in these areas. Using the PLTW experience, Vince will illustrate these concepts and how PLTW delivers the promise of an assessment measuring both subject matter knowledge as well as transportable skills that are in demand to broader the testing industry. [Learn more about Vince Bertram]

This year's conference will feature a post-conference workshop A Framework for Comprehensive and Principled Assessment Design with Embedded Alignment and Standard Setting. The workshop, which will be presented by Ellen Forte of edCount, Llc. and Daniel Lewis of Creative Measurement Solutions, Llc., will teach participants how to apply a principled assessment design framework that inherently encompasses an interpretation and use argument for validity evaluation and also embeds both alignment and standard setting. This approach elegantly connects obligations for assessment practice defined in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, APA, NCME 2014) with modern validity theory. Attendees can register for the workshop at the same time they register for the conference.

[Early BIrd registration will be available until December 10.  ATP members can log into the Members Only area of the website to obtain their registration discount code.]