New Publication from ATP & ICE

Innovative Item Types White Paper & Portfolio Now Available to ATP members


It was another busy year for the ATP Bookstore which added four new titles this year - with one of them debuting today.

This week, the Association of Test Publishers (ATP), working in collaboration with the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) has released a co-authored publication on Innovative Item Types. This project, which includes both a white paper and an accompanying portfolio of sample items, provides an overview of considerations and best practices for incorporating alternative item types into an assessment. The focus of the paper is on credentialing/certification assessments, but many of the same considerations and processes apply to other types of examinations (i.e., assessments for use in educational, industrial/organizational, or clinical settings). This publication is downloadable and available to ATP Members from the Guidelines and Surveys page of the ATP website in the Members Only section. [Members can log in and use the Guidelines and Surveys in the Quicklinks section on their landing page.] It will be available early next year for purchase in hard copy, for nonmembers.

Other new titles available this year from the ATP Bookstore include:

What Everyone Should Know About the Legal Landscape Relating to Testing: A Pocket Handbook by Robert A. Burgoyne, Authored with Alan J. Thiemann

Regardless of whether an assessment is used for employment, academic, certification, licensure, or credentialing purposes, a range of legal issues can arise.  This publication provides an overview of some of the more significant legal issues that might  be encountered in the operation of a testing program. [This book is also available on Kindle!]


 Indian Assessment Program Tender Guidelines: An India-ATP Publication

The India Regional Division of the Association of Test Publishers (I-ATP) has developed these Guidelines to assist a procurer of testing services in writing an RFP that contains all the necessary and appropriate information to allow all qualified bidders to understand the scope and specifications of the program being bid, as well as all the requirement upon which bidders will be judged.



ATP Checklist for EU-US Privacy Shield Registration: A Pocket Guide

The EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, designed and approved by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Commission, became effective on August 1, 2016. The Privacy Shield is the fastest and easiest way to obtain adequate protection for your business or organization. If you use this checklist and follow these steps, ATP hopes that you should be better prepared to seek certification when the self certification process is re-opened by the U.S. Department of Commerce in January 2017.

* ATP Members can download a .pdfs of these publications by logging into the website and, on their profile page, under Quick Links, click on Guidelines/Surveys.