ATP Public Sector SIG Holds Third Annual Meeting in Lisbon

Presentations Posted


The ATP Special Interest Group comprised of public sector employees from global governments convened in Lisbon for a two-day event that was hosted by the Portuguese office of Public Administration. The two-day meeting was sponsored by the Luxembourg- based OAT and Netherlands-based - Cito, both members of ATP.

"This is a group (the Public Sector SIG) that is building a sense of community through repeated gatherings under the auspices of the ATP," explained ATP CEO William G. Harris.  

The group, which is led by David Bearfield, Director of the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) and Martha Helena Lopez, Director of Strategic Planning and Staffing at the United Nations, has held three successful meetings in Budapest, Dublin and now Lisbon -- in addition to a start-up conference that was held in Madrid four years ago.

"We bring together individuals who, due perhaps to legal or other restrictions, do not otherwise have the opportunity to engage with private testing companies. So this is a way to bring them together and provide some high quality content and innovative ideas that they can take back to their governments," Harris noted.

This year’s program included a keynote address by Fiona Patterson, Principal Researcher, University of Cambridge and Founding Director of Work Psychology Group, who spoke on the topic of breaking the class ceiling and promoting diversity in the workplace. Day two was keynoted by Rosie Halfhead, Founder of R-Co and Chair of Diversity Dialogues, British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium who spoke on the topic of shifting landscapes in the workplace and the world.

[All presentations from the two-day event are available on the ATP website and can be accessed from the Public Sector SIG pages. ]