Ashok and RachelFrom Keynoters to Innovations Lab --   Innovations 2017 Conference Resonated With Attendees

 Heard on the twitter feed...

"Phenomenal Keynote. Thanks ATP! • "Innovations lab is the real deal! Participants were put through the meat grinder! Good job startups!" • "Got rid of textbooks, used hip hop and film...and created a course on graphic novels...packed room at the Digital Games and Future of Assessment (session)".

A record number of attendees and an exhibit hall that overflowed into the foyer were all evidence of the growing popularity of the Innovations in Testing Conference.  This year, attendees would have noticed very prominent ATP branding throughout the conference areas and had the opportunity to attend a History of ATP presentation. "We try new ways every year to get people excited about the ATP community -- not just as it exists as a conference, but for everything that ATP represents between conferences," said ATP CEO Dr. William G. Harris.

New conference features this year included an Innovations Lab, which was sponsored by ACT Next, Sparcit and GDIT.  Lab participants had an opportunity to work with a mentor on their business model, work with ATP's presentation specialist Shawn Doyle on their delivery, and were given table top displays for their innovative products and services.  The Lab turned out to be immensely popular reported ATP Chair Nikki Eatchel of Scantron.  Nikki attributed the success of the new Innovation Lab feature to Rachel Schoenig of Cornerstone Stratetgies who, she said, "worked tirelessly to bring the new effort to the stage -- and then proceeded to moderate the event between presenters and judges like the pro that she is."  

The 2017 Conference included other new features such as increased training for presenters, a virtual tote bag, a new App with added features, a charity activity, a volunteer luncheon and a post-conference IDEO workshop. Also new this year, anyone who missed the conference, can purchase an Exclusive Digital Pass to view keynote presentations, featured sessions, and more -- all from the comfort of their own home or office. Learn more...

Next year's conference will be February 18 - 21, 2018  at the San Antonio Hill Country JW Marriott in Texas.