All Regions are on board for the launching of ATP's first Virtual Global Event

Registration and Sponsorship is Open


ATP's first Virtual Global Conference will be a 'round the clock event, with programming beginning in the early morning hours (U.S. eastern time) and running until late into the night in order to accommodate all of ATP's Global Regions. And with ATP's new investment in Association TV, an online conference platform, all of the conference content will be recorded, indexed and available for replay. 

"The number one 'complaint' we've always received about ATP conferences in the past is that there is so much rich content and not enough time to attend all the sessions, this new platform will eliminate the need to choose and enhance the ability to replay in your own time frames," ATP CEO William G. Harris remarked about the new system.  "We have really started to turn a corner in finding opportunities inherent in the current restrictive environment - from our new Lunch and Learn Webinar series, to our new conference platform, ATP has been pivoting to meet the demand of a global constituency in lock-down!" he added.

The Global Conference will launch on the morning of September 14, and run almost around the clock for five days. The Conference will be a combination of the 2020 Innovations Conference, the 2020 European-ATP Conference, and the 2020 India-ATP Conference.  There will also be sessions contributed by Asia-ATP and Middle-East & Africa-ATP.  Sessions will include break-outs, demos, peas-in-a pod sessions and debates. Other highlights include an Innovations Lab and Incubator for start-ups, as well as a virtual exhibit hall.

"This will be a ground-breaking event," noted Conference Chair Jerry Gorham of Ascend Learning, this year's sponsor of the Innovation Lab. "When I took on the role of 2020 Conference Chair, I never envisioned the journey I was embarking on!  But I truly believe its going to have been worth it in terms of our growth as an organization as well as our investment in the future of our Association and our conferences."

All delegates who were registered for the Innovations 2020 conference are automatically registered for the online event. For others, registration is open. [Members can go to Member Benefits and Discounts under Quick Links in their Member Profile and obtain the member discount code.]

ATP COO Lauren Scheib noted that Sponsorship is also open.  "Again, all sponsors that did not seek a refund on the in-person event are automatically considered sponsors of the on-line event. For others who want to return, and for new sponsors, opportunities are available," she said, noting that the new sponsorship prospectus is now available online. 

Scheib noted that the conference will be accessible to a wider demographic of people, most notably a younger audience that in the past may not have been granted the funding or the time to travel to an in-person event. "We are hoping to 'see' many more young professionals at this event who may be working remotely and are seeking engagement, or who have not been able to travel to these events in the past and will now be able to see what ATP is all about while having a global experience at the same time." she said.